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At what age do you guys feel is to young to put your babies in a walker? I put my son in one almost two weeks ago(btw, he's four and a half months) and he took off like a lightning bolt. He has four activities on his walker that he mastered in a week. I am so proud of him. This is also my very first child :-)


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Tamara S - posted on 11/09/2014




Thanks for all of you guys advice. I don't always put my son in a walker but when I do he is monitored at all times. I also do tummy time with him and as far as him rolling over, he was doing that the moment I gave birth to him(yeah, it shocked the nurse and doctor too). My son is way beyond his time for his age, he sits up on his own, always rolls over, pushes up in the position to crawl and even holds his own bottle(which he started doing at two and a half months). I thank God for him and the things he's been blessed to do at this point. :-)

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With most baby gear you can tell if the baby isn't ready. They don't look comfortable, they don't fit right, they can't hold themselves in the right position, they let you know they are unhappy, they can't figure out how to use it, etc. Your son sounds fine, and like he has very well developed motor skills for his age.

We did use a walker with our kids. Not a lot. I was aware of the risks, and knew that they don't actually help babies learn to walk. The walker was more compact than an exer-saucer though, and our kids liked the walker (when they didn't like exer saucers at all).

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In addition to Jodi's advice; your baby is only four months old, most babies do not have adequate head and torso control to spend time in a walker. They really seem too much trouble to be worth the risk. Consider more floor time. Baby needs to learn to roll, creep, sit and crawl...all before walking.

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Walkers are not only dangerous, but can also be bad for your child's development. The reason they can be dangerous is because they give access to things and locations that normally, a child cannot access at this age. In some countries, they are banned for this reason, in others, they are highly discouraged by safety experts due to the number of accidents and injuries that are caused as a result.

Walkers don't help your baby learn how to walk. In fact, using one on a regular basis will inhibit baby's development. Babies need to learn to roll, sit, crawl, play on the floor before they can walk, and research has shown that on average, infants who use walkers will walk LATER than those who do not because they are not doing these things, therefore not developing their bodies in the way they need to to learn to walk.

Here is some more information:

Anyway, entirely your choice if they are legal to buy in your country, but I never used them for my children. They seem a bit pointless to me.

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