walking shoes for tiny feet?

Donna - posted on 12/10/2009 ( 18 moms have responded )




My little girl is 10 months on sunday, and she is nearly walking. She cruises round the furniture fine, and can take a couple of steps holding onto one of my hands. She is still pretty small for her age, and her feet are tiny. She only just fits into UK size 1, which is roughly age 3-6 months shoes. I can't find anything with a sturdier sole to give her a bit of grip. 'cruising' shoes don't start til size 2. Does anyone know of anywhere on the internet where I can find anything to fit? The pram shoes that she has are obviously soft and have no support or grip at all, she just can't get going on smooth surfaces HELP


Jennifer - posted on 12/12/2009




Try Robeez (www.robeez.com for store locator) or the generic Target brand of them. They're soft leather shoes that start at size 0. All 3 of my kids wore them until they outgrew all of the sizes.

Julie - posted on 07/14/2010




They don't need sturdy shoes to walk. If you can find the socks with the little gripper soles that is all that is needed, or barefoot in an appropriate place. Footwear that allows the toes and foot to flex are the best for healthy development of their tiny feet.

Christine - posted on 12/10/2009




putting shoes on babies can cause their feet to develope incorrectly. I agree with most the moms on her, let your baby was with no shoes. If you are concerned about germs put socks with no slip bottoms on her feet


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Pauline - posted on 12/10/2009




Robeez or the cheaper knock off's were great for both of my kids. They were able to learn to use their toes to grip too, unlike in a hard soled shoe.

Heidi - posted on 12/10/2009




Barefoot is best, but try pedipeds.com for options. I had the opposite problem. My 15 month old had huge feet and needed a soft soled shoe for him to learn how to walk while out of the house. Pediped had most everything. Found some on ebay as well.

Sylvia - posted on 12/10/2009




It's actually much better for her feet to walk barefoot as much as possible (though not outdoors in winter, obviously). So if I were you I'd wait until she's walking with confidence before starting to look for "real" shoes.

My DD also was small for her age -- she got her first pair of real shoes at 15 months (2 months after she learned to walk) and they were size 4.5 ( = UK 3.5). Until then she went barefoot or wore grippy socks or Robeez (soft leather slippers with suede soles). Mostly barefoot, though: taking things off her feet was one of her favourite activities ;^)

Cristina - posted on 12/10/2009





My little guy is finally starting to walk on his own around the house, but it's so funny to see him once we put shoes on! It's like he has two left feet!

Recently, I was in a bigger city (ours doesn't have a wide variety of stores) and went to a StrideRite store. We were initially just taking a look around, but they had some shoes on sale and decided to try them on our son. The soles were really flexible and he was walking in them as he does when he's bare-footed! They do offer different types of shoes for beginners, cruisers and stable-walkers, but I have to admit they run a bit on the pricey side. But my boy seems to love his and I think we'll try to keep him in these until he's a little more sure-footed. I know they have a website and you can usually find a store in more metropolitan areas. Best of luck!

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my daughter was/is the same was..it is best for their feet if they start walking with soft sole shoes. We found Robeez, they are soft sole but provide a bottom grip and support for their feet while they are learning. They have sizes starting at 3-6 and go all the way up to size 3 I believe in soft sole.

Best of luck.

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I like the leather ones. They are colorful and have all kinds of adorable pictures on them. You can find them at Target, Amazon.com and maybe Babies r us too.

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try footlocker.com finishline.com dillards.com jcpenny.com walmart.com kmart.com all those places have hard sole shoes for size 1 an up

Susie - posted on 12/10/2009




I have heard from many sources that as others have stated that no shoes is actually better for learning. Arch development, development of balance, ankle muscle development and more! I left my little girl without shoes for learning. Then, I would put soft shoes on her only when we were out of the house to protect from dirt. (her first pair were soft leather with a non slip treads

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Let her walk around barefoot as much as possible. My pediatrician recommended that, as they get a better "feel" for walking without shoes. I don't know if they make firmer soled shoes that small. My kids have HUGE feet lol

Maggie - posted on 12/10/2009




your best bet is actually no shoes. She will learn better if she can feel and grip the floor with her toes. Find her some no skid socks and you should be good to go.

Hayley - posted on 12/10/2009




go to clarks shoe shop, they measure you childs feed and find a suitable shoe, if you tell them what you want then they should be able to get you it

Theresa - posted on 12/10/2009




I have always heard that no shoes are best for learning to walk. They can flex their foot better to get their balance more easily. My daughter (who also has very small feet) learned to walk in the summer. She never wore shoes. She's 15 months now and still doesn't wear shoes at home. She does wear them out though and she can walk in them just fine. I would suggest no shoes at home. If it's chilly then you can get socks with the skid proof bottoms.

Marie - posted on 12/10/2009




Don't put baby into sturdier shoes until she has been on her feet unassisted for a few weeks this is better for dvelopment of her tootsies, I am a qualified podiatrist and followed this advice myself when my daughter was tiny bare feet or socks all that is required. Enjoy x

Joanna - posted on 12/10/2009




i would let her walk with no shoes in the house when possible because as her feet will grow very quickly and buying childrens shoes from the internet is not a good idea as you need to get the proper width fitting as well as length good luck i hope i have helped

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