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I'm 22 and I have a six month old. I love interacting with him and watching him do new things. Some days I can't help but cry because he is growing up so much and so fast. I don't want this baby stage to be over. Every time I see a new born I think man I wish I could go back in time and change some things.
I don't know what's wrong with me. I regret having a c- section because I was drugged up so much... To the point I didn't get to hold him till he was 3 days old. I just feel like I wasn't with him through it all. I'm a stay at home mom and love every bit of it. I still feel like I'm not having enough time with my son.
Has anyone else ever felt like this?


Gena - posted on 07/17/2014




I guess i have never felt as extreme as you have,i was upset when i had to put his little first clothes away and stuff like that.But i guess its normal that every mom hangs on to their childs first clothes or shoes. I am also a sahm. I must be honost,now that my son is almost 3 1/2 yrs old i stopped hanging on stuff since awhile. I remember how hubby and I use to say "aww just imagine when he starts crawling,walking etc". He does run around now,started to speak and i personaly find it sooooooo much easier with him now then when he was a baby. I can sit down and draw or paint with him,we do puzzles together,we bake and cook,he helps me with the laundry,the garden etc etc. And i am lucky he was a very good baby,not fussy at all..actualy an easy baby. But i so much enjoy the time we have now. Maybe try to think about all the fun things you will be able to do with your when he is abit older,instead of being sad that he is growing. You can imagine how i felt when my son picked a flower from our garden, came to me and said this is for you mommy and gave me a kiss. Your son when he starts talking will make you laugh with things he will say.When i look at photos of my son i cant believe he has grown so fast.But thats just the way it is..enjoy your baby,but also enjoy watching and helping him grow.And if you have a partner and can afford a second child then dont worry,you can always have a second baby..but that baby will also grow :-) I hope i have given you some advice. Good luck

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