want to fight court order against daughters father

Porsche - posted on 08/25/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Yesterday me and my daughters father agreed that i would pay child support because. We decided on joint custody and i made more then him. Everything signed but not in the system yet....but when i finally got home and read the papers he showed that he was the custodial parent which is not true...he didnt n never have taken our kid anywere important she needed to go like doctors or dentist or school appointments wic nothing...every christmas i paid for every gift shes 3 btw every birthday i expensed it not him and he had a job for some of them events id ask for some money to help with amarie hed say he dont have it but would be buying liqiour n weed the next day...how could they make him custodial also he lied about having a job and he makes more then me.! He told the lady up front he had a job but he just started and he make 9 a hour but told the interviewer in the back which was a man that he didnt have a job....the man didnt even think to ask him were he worked while we was in the room togather but asked me were he worked while my daughter father wasnt in the room..i dont underatand that..the lady upfront failed to mention that he told her he had a job...so nobody addressed it...can i fight this in court even though we signed the papers already


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Jodi - posted on 08/25/2015




Why on earth did you sign it without reading it first?

Contact a lawyer and discuss it with them.

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