want to help my step son

Maxym - posted on 11/05/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I dont know where to start but lets try ... I am really lucky in life I have a wonderful husband , we have a lil girl shes now 1 year old and my step son hes 5 . I am in my step son life since he is 1 his mother was in jail for almost 3 years so as far as he remember ... I am his mother figure . I never pushed him to call me mom he did by himself . Ive took good care of him for the last almost 4 years of his life . Now his biological mother came back and she mess him up pretty good . She I dont know how got some overnight ... my step son his lost and scared and we are too cause she have a past of mental problem she was on disability for that reason in the past she also cut herself . But she is pretty good to manipulate judges and people around she always get a lil more everytime she take us to court ... that mean once a month . Its just non stop threatning ... we went to police they did absolutely nothing ... children and youth said that until she abuse him physically there is nothing to do . She put all kind of things in his head hes coming back home and he is not anymore the same its a shame cause he was such a good boy and we feel that we have to sit back and watch her destroy his life . I know she have rights and that everybody is allowed to make mistake but she was in jail while she was pregnant and 4 times since she gave birth to him . Its not fair I beleive someone should do something we dont know anymore what to do ... last time we went to court they give her overnight with the suppervision of her mother the grand mother had her 3 kids taking away from her by the state I dont think she is the best person to supervise visitation . Judge said that it happen in the past and that everybody should have a chance ... I dont understand seriously can someone help me to understand what is the best interrest of the child in a situation like this one ? A mother is not only to give birth to a kid but also provide and love him everyday no ?


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Yes, a mother should provide love and safety to a kid everyday but not all moms or even dads are like this. It is a sad state of affairs for the poor kids who have to deal with this whether or not their parents are together or not.

In your case though, there is not much as the step mom that you can legally do. It is up to his father to do this and you do have to have proof that she is a danger to the child and if no one has found anything to bring her to account for, then there is not much that can be done about it. Its sad and hard to deal with but it is how things go.

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