Wanting some opinions on being a Stay At Home Mom, and having a complicated partner.

Shawndra Lynn - posted on 03/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay so I am 22 years old, and 6 1/2 months pregnant with my first child, a little boy(Jasper). The father and i were together a year, while living together, with both of us working, and him knowing that in our future of children together I "would be" a stay at home mom, and he was very accepting of this. Then, 2 weeks after our 1 year anniversary we found out I was pregnant. He was still completely okay with my staying home. Then about a month in a half after we found out I left him and moved into my parents. ("why because he had a bad drinking problem where he would get angry verbally, and was always trying to control me"). Well i was gone for some odd months, and just recently this last couple weeks came back to him. Maybe i was wrong maybe it was right idki. ("he has stopped drinking, and is being alot less controlling") BUUUT...after being super sweet the first 1-2 weeks i was back, he has started changing, and he says i "have to" go back to work once our son is 9-12 months old, and rely on our family members to watch him, because he and i both dont agree with daycare. Reasoning because "he refuses to be broke". Before he decided this he was talking about taking a new job next year that would be paying alot more than we would need to survive. And its not like he has a bad job now. He makes decent money. And with my calculations he makes slightly more than what we need to live. If he could support his drinking habit of everyday, why cant he use the money he used to use for that on his son and mother of his child. I will be on WIC and foodstamps to help out, so he wouldnt have to worry about food much. I dont think i am selfish, i think he is. Being a mom is more than working 45 hours a week and getting paid, its working 24 hours a day 7 days a week for FREE. I wont be sitting on my ass, ill be raising a human being, i wont be pawning my child off on other people, he will depend solely on me. I would just really like to know what some opinions are? Or hear about other simular situations? Or suggestions on what i should consider doing or saying? Im super stressed about this, and starting to get pissed thinking about it. Thank you ladies.


Onetraeh - posted on 03/09/2013




I'm really srry & I'm sure some would disagree but being a stay @ home mom is a luxury many of us will never have;I can't see it anywhere in my future tht's for sure.so you're upset tht u will have to go back to work in 9 to 12 months?idk lol I wish I had your problem;for me it will be closer to 2 months & me & my dude will be switching shifts taking care of the baby.I can understand why your guy doesn't want to be broke;quality of life is important.& p.s. I really can't respect people who r on food stamps if u r an able bodied person;if u r not able bodied or sick then I can understand but tht's it.

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