Wanting to start childcare in my home, any advice?

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I am a stay at home mom looking for a way to bring in some much needed money and am considering watching another child or two. I have a 23 month old and a 3 month old of my own that I look after and would not mind adding another child or children about the same ages to the mix.
i have a good sized house and a fenced in back yard. No pets,other then a rabbit that stays in a cage in the back yard. If you have a child in childcare or run a childcare, could you give me some pros, cons, and prices on this topic? Thanks, Amy


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It's hard! It's something I seriously considered until I got the packet listing all the requirements; our home simply wouldn't work for it at the time, and I'm glad I went to become a nurse instead. If you can do it though, good! More child care providers are very needed.

First, call your county social services office and request a packet for start-up requirements. It will include information like how many kids at a time (it's a set number of individual children OR a set number of families) you can watch before becoming licensed. It includes directions on how to become licensed, what training you need, and what the requirements are for your home (so updates that may be necessary). You can also ask for information about child care assistance programs (again, through social services) for the parents - if you accept this, you'd GET PAID, unlike some parents where they choose not to pay, and ask about the food program in your area (again, they reimburse for healthy meals).

Pros - you get to raise your own children, make your own hours

Cons - parents tend to stiff you for the money too often, you REALLY need to make a contract, it's often a break even financially when you consider expenses of running it, and your home may need many expensive updates. Parents also tend to be early or late depending on their schedule, and don't care so much about your life. YOU have to be the one to make sure kids stay up to date on vaccinations (many parents don't care) or release forms for them. Parents expect YOU to toilet train their children during the day then don't bother when they're at home. It's a lot of running.

Prices - vary a TON by the area. Call and ask various places in your town what they charge (public information) for infant, toddler, older child, meals if not reimbursed, late fees (some charge $5/5minutes late, contracted, or charge minimum 20 or 40 hours per week even when the child is not there, even when the day care provider is on vacation or sick, so the family has to pay two places. Guarantees income, but sucks for the parents). Some also charge for supplies used of the day care providers when the parent fails to bring in items like diapers, wipes, formula, clothing.

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