wants to get her tongue pierced

Joanne - posted on 08/10/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 16 year old daughter has recently brought up about getting her tongue pierced. People say it is a sexual piercing but my daughter Summer says she just wants it for how it looks and "its a cool piercing" Is she to young to get her tongue pierced? Should i let her get her tongue pierced?


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Jodi - posted on 12/02/2013




And sweetheart, the day you are able to actually make yourself understood in actual English, with correct grammar and punctuation, we will take you seriously as a child who is capable of making actual informed decisions.

Leah Shannon Louise - posted on 12/02/2013




I'm only 14 and i wasn't allowed mine done but my mum has changed her mind and said I can since my sister had hers at 13 yr old and nobody I know it's chipped there teeth and too be honest anything and chip your teeth

Firebird - posted on 08/10/2013




If you want to pay for all the dental damage often caused by toungue piercings, go right ahead and let her do it. If she wants it for how it "looks" the piercing will obviously not be placed far enough back to avoid chipping her teeth. If she does want it placed that far back, she may as well stop pretending she wants for the 'look', since it won't be visible unless her mouth is open pretty wide.

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