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I will start at the beginning. About a week ago, I took my son in for his 9th month check-up. Everything was all fine and dandy until they pricked his finger for some blood. That's when the paranoia started.

His doctor said his LEAD levels are high in his blood. The normal scale for babies is a 3.3 out of 5. My son had 4.6. I've been racking my brain to figure out just why the hell are his levels so high. WE bought 100 test kits and tested everywhere and anywhere in my house. All negative. We tested the water. It was negative.

I figured I would have to sit down with his toys and test every single one of them.

It wasn't until an hour ago that I came across it. My baby was chewing on my purse all the time. It made him happy, so I didn't fight it. Until my mom/his grandma, thought that LEAD could be used in the process of tanning leather. I looked it up. It wasn't.

I typed into google: Does my purse contain lead?

Genuine leather doesn't. BUT purses at most retail stores do. It's called Polyvinyl Chlorine; which is a fancy term of LEAD USED TO MAKE YOUR PURSE!!

My son may have learning disabilities because he's behind on his development because of it. If I only knew!!! I want to warn other mom's out there, so they don't ever feel the way I'm feeling right now. Guilt.

So check your purses before letting your babies chew on them!


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I am not sure how much detail your pediatrician gave you, but please stop feeling guilty. Here’s why- my 9 month old had a lead level of 4.1 at his check up. I was told, like you, that a 3.3 or lower is normal. But it’s not 3.3 out of 5, which certainly makes it seem as though your child’s level is very high. Lead levels go far beyond that- up to 45 or more- which are the extreme levels that cause serious issues. My pedi explained that my son’s level indicated that he had some abnormal exposure, but that research shows anything below 5 is not enough to cause damage. Maybe that’s where you got the “out of 5” from. Beyond a level of 5, there may be minor damage. If you do some research on lead levels, under 10 is still within normal ranges. So please don’t beat yourself up. If your child is truly having developmental issues, it’s not your purse. Keep in mind too that lead causing issues is usually exposure over a long period of time. It turned out that an old china hutch my parents had was coated in lead-based paint (it predated the national ban on lead paint). We are retesting him at his 12 month check up and I am sure all will be well. Have your little one rechecked too now that you have identified the cause! Best of luck.

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Purses are dirty, it would almost be as bad as letting my baby put a shoe in her mouth.


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Kelsey, during his childhood when he has little capacity for good judgement and a lot of curiosity, a lot of things are going to make him happy but are not in his best interests. As parents we need to say no sometimes.

Liz - posted on 02/08/2013




I'm not sure why you would let your child chew on something that isn't a safe baby toy anyway.

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