WARNING: For nursing mothers who are contemplating Mirena (IUS)

Jenni - posted on 09/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




"Progestogen-only contraceptives such as an IUS are not believed to affect milk supply or infant growth.[28] However, a study in the Mirena application for FDA approval found a lower continuation of breastfeeding at 75 days in IUS users (44%) versus copper IUD users (79%).[29]

When using Mirena®, about 0.1% of the maternal dose of levonorgestrel can be transferred via milk to the nursed infant.[30] A six-year study of breastfed infants whose mothers used a levonorgestrel-only method of birth control found the infants had increased risk of respiratory infections and eye infections, though a lower risk of neurological conditions, compared to infants whose mothers used a copper IUD.[31] No longer-term studies have been performed to assess the long-term effects on infants of levornogestrel in breast milk.

There are conflicting recommendations about use of Mirena while breastfeeding. The U.S. FDA does not recommend any hormonal method, including Mirena, as a first choice of contraceptive for nursing mothers.[citation needed] The World Health Organization recommends against immediate postpartum insertion, citing increased expulsion rates. It also reports concerns about potential effects on the infant's liver and brain development in the first six weeks postpartum. However, it recommends offering Mirena as a contraceptive option beginning at six weeks postpartum even to nursing women.[32] Planned Parenthood offers Mirena as a contraceptive option for breastfeeding women beginning at four weeks postpartum."


I was not informed by my OBGYN that the use of Mirena (IUS) could affect supply issues in nursing mothers.

For both my children PP nurses were astonished at my exclusively breastfed infants' weight gain for the first 2 months. Their weight gain was almost double the normal rate for excl. BF infants. I got mirena at 2 months postpartum and I started experiencing supply issues within 90 days of insertion. I completely dried up approximately 7-8 months postpartum after a long and arduous struggle to keep my infants satisfied and on a healthy weight curve.

If you are planning on breastfeeding and having Mirena (IUS) be warned you are at risk of suffering supply issues. It appears copper IUDs are the safer choice for nursing mothers.

Have any other nursing mothers experienced supply issues while using this contraceptive?


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I did not have any supply issues on the mirena, neither time around. My 17 month old is still bf'ing twice a day. Sorry to hear you had a loss of supply.

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Lauren - posted on 04/06/2013




I had an IUD put in yesterday & by the evening my milk stopped.. Im not feeling any let downs. My 2 month old usually wakes up twice/night tops to eat & last night it was like every hour. I've been pumping for 20 mins at a time. One side doesn't produce a single drop, the other produces about 5-10 mL. My Dr recommended the Mirena because supposedly this wouldn't happen. And no one told me I'd be in excruciating pain either. Now its the weekend & I'm stuck with this thing until next week. I'm not happy & my baby's going to starve.. I have a real problem giving her formula because up until Mirena happened breastfeeding was going fine...

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