Was anyone else disappointed when they found out what gender they were having?

Adria - posted on 03/26/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 21 weeks prego and found out that I am having a boy. I have a wonderful little boy at home who is going to be 4 years old and I was hoping this one would be a girl. The ultrasound said the baby is a boy but the chinese chart and old wives tales say a girl. I find myself crying everyday thinking about not having a girl, is this wrong? Don't get me wrong I love my son and the baby I am carrying now but my heart yearns for that little girl.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 03/26/2012




No, actually...the "old wives" and other methods all said I'd have a girl my 2nd go around, but it was a boy, and I was ecstatic.

Not that my love would have been less for a girl, but i wanted two boys. I'd dreamt of 2 boys all my life, and that's what I wanted. LOL...Yeah...like I really would have had a choice...

Besides that, if you truly, truly want a girl, do the for sure thing and adopt! I had a friend that thought she absolutely HAD to have a girl...4 boys later, and after her tubal, she realized that she probably would have ended up with a football team of boys before she'd have had that girl...

I do understand your disappointment, tho.

Adria - posted on 03/26/2012




Thanks...I know other people do feel this way and I just have to let it out now instead of keeping it in. All I hope for is that this baby is healthy and strong and that is all that is important but it will always be in the back of my head that little girl I wanted. This will probably be our last child and I think that is why I am feeling very strongly about this.

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I bawled my eyes out when I found out I was having twin girls. Most of those tears were for being grateful that they were ok (was having a rough pregnancy), but some of them were definitely over the fact that I was having girls. I NEVER wanted girls and up until their birth I still held out a little hope that the u/s was wrong on at least one of them.

Those girls are 10 now and I wouldn't have traded any second of them being the girls that they are. ♥

IMO.... it is perfectly normal to experience feelings of disappointment when we don't get what we want (regardless of what it is pertaining to). The important thing is how we deal w/ those feelings and accepting what we DO get and realizing the blessings in that... Which is exactly what it sounds like you are doing. :)

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