Was It hard to go back to work when your child was still an infant?

Brittany - posted on 03/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm lucky to have three months off work but i hate the thought of my kiddo going to a daycare at just 4 months old. Also, are they on somewhat of a sleeping schedule by this age? I know all babies are different, just wanted to hear what you mommas had to say!


Andrea - posted on 03/06/2014




Sure, babies have sleep routines even in the womb, and start forming a new routine the first day they're born! But the nice thing is at that age they can adjust. They're constantly adjusting, as their need for frequent naps and feedings dwindle, etc. He or she will adjust to you going back to work...and you will adjust...I am sure it will be harder on you than on the baby! But I have heard lots of people say that working outside home just makes the time you have with your baby that much sweeter. You gotta do what you gotta do! :) I know a bunch of moms who work outside the home and have great, wonderful, fun, rewarding relationships with their kids. Every family situation has it's own unique challenges and blessings - you just have to find a way to make your situation work best for you. Working outside home and rearing children is a tough thing to balance out because both are so time-consuming, and you can't do everything at once! Just find the balance that fits your family.

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