Was the doctor out of line?

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My 9 year old has been seeing a urologist lately for a minor problem (the forskin is a little attached to his private). Right from the first visit he told him that he needs to lose weight. It is not because he is my son but really no one around thinks he is shubby. He is 77 lbs and a little over average on height. He wears size 10 - 12 regular which is what kids his age average size should wear. I felt that what the doctor said affect him. So he started eating less and wanting to skip meals before the next visit. Before his last visit, he lost 3 lbs. Then again the doctor said you need to lose the fat. I got mad and told the doctor to leave it to his pediatrician (who thinks he is fine). I told him if losing weight would affect the problem then he is right to say it but if it has nothing to do with it then he has no business telling a 9 year to lose weight. He said that his private is partial buried by fat in this area. That he has a tendency to have more fat around this area. I looked at 2 and 1/2 year boy who is thin and I see the same thing. I am not sure what he is talking about. My husband apologized for me. But I on the other hand was not apologetic and warned him that his words are affecting my son and making him want to lose weight. What do you think of this doctor? Would you do the same? I am thinking of informing the pediatrician who refered us to him and cancelling the next appointment.


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That's right Dove. What he said to him really affected him. He started telling me "I am fat" and started worrying about what he eats. I told him that he can chose not to go back to him again. I will also tell the ped about our experience !! Thank you for your reply.

Dove - posted on 11/04/2013




I'd talk to his ped and see about getting a referral to a new urologist and not bring him back to that doctor... ever. Even if your son does need to lose weight (which I have no idea either way)... a GOOD doctor will talk about healthy eating and exercise and not focus on an actual weight issue... especially not for a child/preteen/teenager. The urologist he has now is doing nothing, but messing w/ his self esteem. :(

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