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So I know that young babies are not to drink a lot of water or any at all (depending on who you ask)...but what about toddlers 12 months and up, should they be drinking it, are they allowed to, and how much??


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I was recently encouraged by our pediatrician to cut back on the amount of milk my son was consuming, which was a lot. In the printout she gave me after our appointment, it stated that milk should really only be given at mealtimes, but water is encouraged all day every day. If I remember correctly, it is okay to start giving them straight water around 12 months old, but check with your pediatrician to make sure it's okay for your baby because some kids, and it's not common, may still have problems with it at that point.

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my daughter has been drinking water from a free flow cup since 6 months when I started her on solid food. all the babies i know have water as soon as they start weaning and formula fed ones have boiled water before this time. the water helps to flush out salt found in foods and to quench thirst on hot days. i've only read about not giving water to babies on circle of moms - as far as i know its unheard of not to give water here in england.

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my son is 17 months and around a year I started always having a sippy cup of water ready and available for him between playtime and meals. I figured around this age they are really starting to move and explore and may need those extra fluids. Just mointor that he isn't drinking all of it too close to a meal time because from what I understand water is an empty calorie and could fill his tummy up therefore making it harder to feed

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All of my kids started drinking water at around 8 or 9 months. I always give them however much they want as long as it isn't interfering with meals. Hope this helps...:)

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When our son switched to sippy cups at 1yr we started giving him water. We usually did milk twice a day, water twice a day, and juice once a day.

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I think that a 12 month old can drink water, our son did at that age. Our son is now almost 17 months and always has a sippy cup of water avaialble. He drinks more milk than water but always has water available. I think that as long as your baby is eating enough solids and drinking enough milk then it does not matter how much water they drink.

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Yes, than should be drinking water at that age. Ask your doctor how much milk they should have, ( I believe mine said @16oz), they shouldn't have more than 4-6oz of 100% juice, so all the other liquids they drink should be water. If it's hot, I offer them water frequently, but the rest of the time they just ask for a drink if they are thirsty. I don't think they can drink too much as long as you let them decide how much to drink. Usually, my kids have a bottle of water they drink from whenever they want, and they have milk or juice at mealtimes. I don't let them drink anything else except for on occasion they might have a little tea or fake juice at someone else's house because it makes them act crazy.

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I started my son drinking water around then. It started with just one glass a day, then it got more and more as he started actually asking for it. Now, that's pretty much all he asks for (at 2 1/2 years old) unless he's getting ready for bed (then he wants milk).

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