Ways to get to the happy momy place?

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hi, this is quiet new for me to blog/write about things but it should help me vent find some other people opinion on things, i am 23 and 3 month preggie. i recently left/moved out from the baby daddy house intio with my parents. THe problem was he kept on pushing my buttons which made me very stressfull and hate my position and embarassed of my preggnancy so i saw one way out is to put myself in a more healthy enviroment so i left, I did leve when he was not around well he has been living me to go drink with his friends and comes back next day afternoon, so i saw an oportunity to leave without drama and him trying to sweet talk me with all the empty words and i end up in the same missarable situation. Anyways now I am back home my parents very supportive and excited to raise the baby with me. They more excited than i am , which brings me to my problem / question how do i get myself in the happy place of being a mom? LIke i feel quiet embarrased of my situation, pregnancy, baby dady, pretty much everything i dont feel comfortable expressing my feelings in person so i guess i joined this group to maybe talk about things i am struggling to deal. Most of my trouble dealing with this comes from that it was not planned quiet accidental and irrational the pregnancy, I am quiet a black and white person , things are planned antissipated , risk managment unsertainty minimization I am an Engineer in short, with that said financialy i am fine but emmotionally a bit screwed, i as i do not know how to deal with this. So can someone advice how do i get out of my current depro mode and embarrasment i feel and into a happy proud mommy to be place?


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First of all welcome to COM and well done for being brave enough to post about how you're feeling.

Accidents happen in life and we can't be in control of everything. I understand that you feel embarassed, but you can also feel proud that you're making choices that are healthy for you and your baby. Is there a local ante-natal or 'bumps and babies' group you could join for support?

Good luck and keep us posted.

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