Ways to live through a nightmare kid.

Terri - posted on 09/03/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I found this page because I keep getting to the end of my rope. I have a 14 year old son with ADHD and ODD.he is a nightmare
Age 12 started running away to hang out on street corners, make out with other problem children, attempted to get others to let him move in by telling them we beat him.
We called the police everyday, and told every police officer the whole story. Contacted emergency mental health services, Had him admitted to an emergency mental health clinic. He was refereed to an in house child holding facility, My husband and I convinced them to keep him all summerfearing that he would injure our 7 year old. after that we had counselors inside our home three times a week for a year. We found a middle school for kids with behavior problems and he stabilized for two years.Summer before high school started he ran away on holiday, after the age of 12 you have to wait 24 hrs to call the police. 48 hours later he came home, I suggested that he move into where ever he was currently staying. I had hoped some silly parent wanted to take care of him (I was going to make it all legal) but no such luck. He just tricked a friends parent into thinking we were OK with him staying there. Two weeks later we find out he has a secret facebook page ,where he had met a child predator, and met this person on two consecutive nights. I contacted this person to inform them that they should expect to be contacted by the police, I did contact the pedophile division because this person needs to be monitored (my son was not molested). We contacted a military school but its to late school has started.
We are on the original plan for him to attend a private catholic school across the street.We also require him to participate in a military program for kids (he drills every other Saturday and they offer two week camps for reasonable prices)
Most outsiders think my son is amazing a gifted athlete, handsome and polite
At home he lies, steals, screams profanity and destroys things, we all live like prisoners.
My end game is he goes off to college or gets a job and moves out at 18.
For now I practice yoga (its the one thing that keeps me sane) really any form of exercise or art will work. I have also started chalk painting, very forgiving for sloppy people and you just repaint stuff you have laying around. Good luck everyone! Just four more years!

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