we are doing the baby wise system with our kids and my 4 week old does great for naps and feeding but has trouble getting back to sleep at night. do i let him stay up longer during the day?


Jodi - posted on 09/15/2012




Um, he's 4 weeks old? You should be demand feeding him. BabyWise has had the reputation of contributing to lack of weight gain, poor breast milk supply and failure to thrive. I'd throw that book out the window. A 4 week old is not going to benefit from it.

It is possible that over the course of 24 hours he is not getting enough to eat, so he is wanting more at night, and therefore, of course, won't settle. It is, however, very normal for babies this age to want to cluster feed at times, and occasionally this happens at night. You COULD try feeding him more frequently during the day and that may help.

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