We are having a baby girl in three weeks and i would like to think the name i love isnt so bad, need opinions?

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were having girl number three, well i have a four year old girl form my first relationship (full time) and he has a two year old girl from his first relationship (also full time) and i didnt get to pick the name i wanted for my first daughter and it seems to be the same this time... with my first daughter i wanted Ellena but settled for Alliah i love it but it wasnt my first choice and now i want Ever Navea and again its getting vetoed so was wondering if it was that bad of a name i personally fell in love with it... but he wont even think about it


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I had my heart set on Chelsea and Caleb and my husband vetoed them because he despised them. we chose something else and don't even stew about how much I wanted those names at the time.

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If he hates it, you've got to let it go. :( Could you get 3 names that you like, and ask him to pick? My husband and I couldn't really come to agreement on a name for my son, and we eventually each made a list, rated each name on the list from 1 (don't like it) to 5 (love it!) and then we switched lists and rated the others. Then we took the highest 3 (using both of our ratings, so if I gave it a 4 and he gave it a 2, the total is 6) from each list and put them on a new list, and we just gave it a couple of days to think about it, and then we came to two names we both liked quite a bit. After my son was born we decided which one seemed to suit him best.

I know, that's a lot of list-making, but my husband loves that sort of thing, and it felt fairer. :)

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I work in a school and recently met a boy named Ever. I guess it was short for Everardo. I am not sure what his ethnic background was. Anyway, I thought I would share that with you. I love the name Navea! Maybe you guys can settle on some sort of combination of names you both like. Good Luck!!!

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Well I dont think there will be another one of those in her class at school if you call her Ever! In England this sounds very close to the shortened version of Heather, Ev or Ever.

I can honestly say I have never heard a girl called this before, so if you are going for unusual then this is the name for you. I don't dislike it, it is just different.

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i wouldnt mind Ellena this time but since i took Alliah out of Ellena it makes them sound to close

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