We are sending our almost nineteen year old out the door when he comes back from a four day party, He doesnt really want to work. Has lost four jobs that I, my husband and older son have gotten him. He has stole from us and just recently got into our locked bdrm (if we dont keep it locked he stealsm so we keep everything in there), and stole our expensive camera and money that my husband and eight yearold twins have been saving. He went through all of drawers turned them upside down. We have offered therapy, he refuses, we think he is addicted to pot, he denies it saying you cant get addicted. but he has sold everything expensive we have bought for him for the pot. So we are at the end of our rope. He quit highschool and says that is what we want for him not what he wants. So my question is do I send his Christmas presents with him and his stocking full of the things I bought. My heart aches it is Christmas and he can no longer stay with us. It is too much influence on our younger ones?


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Ashley - posted on 12/16/2012




no you should not send anything with him. not anything you bought for him, and not anything you got him for christmas. maybe that will be the part that really teaches him. if you do want to give him his christmas presents, then invite him over for christmas and do it then. he probably wont show up though.

Ev - posted on 12/16/2012




Are his present things he can sell to get more money for his drug habits or whatever habits he has? IF the answer is yes, I would not give him those gifts. I would give him hygene items, clothing, and shoes. He is going to need those worse than some trinket style presents. You sound like you are putting your foot down for the rest of what is going on.

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