We get to CHOOSE: Boy or Girl??

Chiara - posted on 09/09/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband and I have two children, both adopted, and we are now planning to adopt a third child. Our son will be 3 years old in December, and our daughter turns 2 a couple of weeks later. We didn't have any gender preference for our first child, and we chose to adopt a girl the second time around because at the time, we only wanted two kids.

But now we want 3 and I'm thrown for a loop. I never imagined having ANY say in the gender of my children. My husband was unable to have kids and I couldn't imagine carrying any man's children but his, so adoption has been wonderful for us. We personally DO NOT CARE whether we have another boy or girl. But this isn't just about us anymore!

Will our daughter feel sandwiched between 2 boys? Will our son become more aloof if his two little sisters play mostly with each other?? I would soooo appreciate some feedback from moms with 2 boys and a girl or 2 girls and a boy! I assume there isn't much of a difference, but if there is I want to know!


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Michelle - posted on 09/09/2012




I have 2 boys and a girl (all naturally) and the boys are great with their little sister and my daughter is very independent. My daughter loves her 2 brothers and I know they will always look after her.

I also agree with Jodi that boys are a lot easier than girls :-)

Jodi - posted on 09/09/2012




Go for a boy. Boys are easier :P But that's just my opinion based on my experience and the experience of friends and family who have grown children!

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