We had a tornado hit our town last summer. Ever since then my 6 yr old is terrified of storms and every night it storms or is excessively windy he ends up sleeping with us, he continually comes downstairs and when he isin his room alone he has these terrifying screams, I believe he's genuinely scared, but it could be a long summer if he sleeps with us everytime it's windy? What should I do?


America3437 - posted on 05/23/2012




Turn it around,use it as an educational experience. Watch some footage of the storms togeather and talk about all the neat things that are going on in the atmosphere to make that storm. When you know it is gonna be a stormy night watch the weather on tv togeather and track the storms. There is fear in the unknown so make it known and the fear may just go away and you might just have a future storm chaser on your hands.

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