We have to go on. Just so hard. Sad, Mad and scared again. Don't know. Need help?

Donna - posted on 01/23/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Met husband thur my best friends (his brother and my best girlfriend at 16). We dated off and on then married at age of 21. I wanted a family, couldn't have kids so we did IVF and 7 years later 1 boy. My husband always had a temper which just got worse and worse. 1st hit walls, doors, throw things and then started beating me. I left him a few times and he said he would never do it again, he got counseling and so on. 15 years into this marriage we had miracle baby (cause I wasn't able to get pregnant). Very lucky. I had to keep going, but the abuse got worse. I was just trying to make it day by day. So, one day my Mom came to our home to drop off our two boys and saw all the bruises on my face and questions my ex. He became violent with her. 911 and police came arrested him. He was out of jail the next day. I got restraining orders for us, then a divorce. Well our home needed lots of repairs, so his brother (still good friends through out the years), his Dad/Grandpa, my Mom and brother all helped. Then, his brother had a bad car accident (hit by drunk driver) and was fired because he could no longer do the work with a really bad back. So, their Dad/Grandpa ask if my ex's brother could come stay with me and the 2 boys for protection and could really help the boys. Because my ex would do weird things, hide out side the home, follow me driving and threaten our lives often. He had bi-polar but the family said he is a sociopath. We all had restraining orders. Put cameras up. Gun near. My Ex lived with his Mom and hit and killed a man in Brandon Fl., then fled the since and just went back to Mom's. After the news was looking for his truck cause there were parts of truck next to where he hit this man; he then turned himself in. This was about 1 year ago and went to jail for like 2 days. They are still in court. My best friend (his brother) lived with us and raised the boys, his Dad/Grandpa died during all this. A year later. My friend/ex-brother-in law was still the best man ever, happy, we all had so much love. Then 3 weeks ago he was shot. Could have been suicide or murder in Jan 2015. Ex husband on trail for murder. Me and the 2 boys were doing great. His brother/boys uncle was wonderful and we had the happiest last few years. But, miss him. He saved us, helped us, and gave us a happy life. We have to go on. Just so hard. Sad, Mad and scared again. Don't know. Need help?


Jodi - posted on 01/23/2015




This post makes no sense at all. I can't understand what you are trying to say.....


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