We need help with adoption advice

Nature (Ash) - posted on 02/23/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




We are wanting to adopt a child. I have a friend that is about to give birth and wants to give her baby to us. I just do not know how to go about this legally. is anyone out there that can help us figure this out. we live in Ohio


Sarah - posted on 03/03/2013




Try calling an adoption agency that is licensed in your state. You can also go through an adoption attorney, but it looks like you are having a hard time connecting with one. Adoption agencies will also be able to do the services that you will need to legally adopt. What generally happens is the adoption agency will have you fill out an application form. Then they will start working with you for the home study......this is a write up of basically your life. This is the interviewing process, during this process they will also be doing a criminal and child abuse check along with any other checks that your state requires. Once the interviewing process is done then the worker writes it all up.....this is called the home study.

Is the birth mother working with an adoption agency or getting birth parent counseling? If she is not I would highly recommend this. For one it helps her to deal with and heal, but it also is a support for her. The more support she has the more likely she will follow through with her adoption plan. If she is working with an agency then most likely they will handle the termination of the birth parents' rights. If she is not she will then need to contact an adoption agency or adoption attorney to have this done. Each state has certain rules as to when termination papers can be signed and how long after the birth parent has to change her mind.

Once baby is placed in your home you will be required to do a certain number of post placement reports. This is where the worker from the adoption agency you worked with or the attorney you worked with visits with you (depending on the state it may need to be in your home) they are evaluating how the placement is going. After a certain amount of time (usually 6 months after placement, but your state might be different) you can then finalize the adoption. This is when the child legally becomes part of your family and you will receive a new birth certificate with the child having your last name as well as a new social security card.

I hope this helps. Most adoption agencies will be able to guide you along this process and take you step by step.


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Nature (Ash) - posted on 03/03/2013




I have been trying to find one but have not had luck in getting return calls.

Jodi - posted on 02/23/2013




I would suggest you seek the services of a lawyer who specialises in adoption.

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