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My daughter is 9 months and she has 2 teeth on the bottom. She is starting to bite and I wanted to get some opinions about when you weaned and why.


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Weaning depends on you and how long do you think is sufficient. Well you can wean by reducing how many times a day you nurse until you are ready to complete end nursing.

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I weaned because I was trying to get pregnant with my second my son was 20 months. Originally I planned to wean at 12 months but I couldn't seem to stopped, I really like nursing. My son first started to bite at 6 months he had no teeth none the less I very firmly/loudly would exclaim "no" He would quickly release the latch and even cried which I felt horrible about but it only took a couple of time before he figure out why I was yelling. I did wean when he was 12 months but just not completely. First he wasn't sleeping through the nights still so I cut out night time nursing completely. Once we had that down I cut out evening feedings then morning feedings one at time until he and I were both okay it only took a couple of days to take away each feeding just substitute it with cereal/baby food or a bottle. The reason I had trouble stopping that I would still nurse once a day when I came home from work, it was more for bonding and cuddling. I'm not really sure how I still had milk for once a day feedings but even if you can do that I wouldn't recommed it really messed with my horomones even my doctor agreed.

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I weaned at 9 months, but it was simply becasue my milk was completely dried up. I was a low milk producer form the very beginning, but I did manage to nurse and supplment with formula. When I rettuned to work at 6 months, the breast pump barely managed to squeeze out 5-6 ounces over the course of a work day. Nursing got to be such an emotional burden becasue there was nothing left. So at 9 months, one day my son pretty much refused the breast. It actually worked out for the best for both of us.

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