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Hi All
I'm currently breastfeeding my 9&1/2 month old. I want to start weaning her from the breast hopefully by time she's 12months. My problem is that I don't have enough milk to pump for her for her beaker. She drinks water but not a lot as her milk is the favourite. So i if she won't go for the water In the beaker and I don't have enough milk to pump, what should I do. ?? I really don't want to give her formula not now we've gotten this far without it. Any advice appreciated she is my first child so haven't been down this road before. Thanks ♡


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Water can be really bad for babies. Children have died when water is used to make breast milk of formula last longer. You can start to introduce baby foods or food puree to get her started developing tastes for different things, but MOST of the nutrients should still be gotten through breast milk or formula until 1 year. I don't know why you are against formula, but if your supply is dwindling you may need to use formula.

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She NEEDS either breast milk or formula until a bare minimum of 12 months... period. If you want to start weaning her from breastfeeding before 12 months you are going to have to use formula as well. If you don't want to use formula, don't start worrying about weaning until after her birthday.

She isn't supposed to be drinking a lot of water at this point. Breast milk has plenty of water AND nutrients that she needs.

Breastfeeding is actually recommended for a minimum of 2 years for better health for baby and mother, but as long as you nurse at least 12 months you can switch her to another milk instead of formula when you start to wean.

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I'm not at all trying to replace her milk. I Just want her to get used to using her beaker so she will be ok wile I'm working. But for this she must learn to use the beaker, and as I said above I don't have enough milk to pump for her cup. (As I 're read my original post I could have explained myself better, sorry)
I'm not against formula I'd just prefer not to use it. But obviously I would if I had no choice!! Thanks for your comment.

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Thanks for your comment. I dont want to give her formula now so I will wait until her birthday has passed. I don't want her to lose out on nutrients etc. I start back at work in January so taut I could start early. Thanks again. Much appreciated.

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