weaning my 16 month and getting her to sleep in her own bed.

Lisa - posted on 10/18/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Up until my daughter was 9 months old, she slept in her own bed and was able to put herself to sleep. Then she started teething and I couldnt put her down without her screaming..so in order to get us both sleep, I would nurse her to sleep in our bed...so now we have the problem still of nursing to sleep and sleeping in bed with us. I know its looked down upon to nurse to sleep.. but we needed sleep! So now I am trying to fix it, I would like some tips on how to stop the nursing and getting her back in her own bed. Thanks for any help or suggestions!


Alison - posted on 10/18/2010




Do you still nurse her during the day? At this age, I would encourage you to explain to her that she has to stay in her bed and that mommy is not going to nurse her anymore when the sun is sleeping. If you bring her a bottle (or sippy cup) of water instead, she will get the message. She will not like it and she will make a fuss, but she should get over it after about 3 days.

And please don't feel guilty for sleeping with your daughter or for nursing her during the night. You always need to consider the needs of the whole family and the truth is, it is great for your kids to be close to you like that. The truth is lots of moms do the same thing, but won't admit it for fear of being chastised. But there comes a time when you will sleep better by getting her out of the bed and that is fine too!

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