Weekend activities, and play dates?

Christina - posted on 07/09/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Lately, I have been feeling guilty for not doing more activities with my daughter. I love being home with her on the weekends and enjoy every minute we spend together, but I feel guilty that we seems to spend most of that time at home. It makes me sad when I see pictures or here stories about parents whom are taking their kids on all these day trips or play dates. I think one of the problems is my husband and I don't have a lot of friends, and very little that have kids, and our families don't live that close. I am finding it hard to make plans for fun stuff to do. My daughter is very cautious annd shy, not very willing to try new things, and I am starting to feel like that is my fault for not introducing her to many new things. How do you make new friends as an adult, I need to get involved with people who have kids my daughters age...I guess....what types of things do you do with your kids on the weekends, how do you keep them active?


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Tamara - posted on 07/09/2011




Maybe going to the park and talk to the other moms is a way to start friendships with other moms of children your childs age? Or maybe sign up for a mommy and me type class. Good luck

Amy - posted on 07/09/2011




My husband and I are pretty antisocial ourselves although we're getting better. We both have crazy schedules and work most weekends so we do trips during the week. We go to the park to play, we go to the beech, we've done a few hiking trips. Our son doesn't care as long as we're doing something as a family, so he gets excited I'd we say we're going to get ice cream at night. You could do mini golf or bumper bowling, it's summer time here so we'll hit up the summer carnivals and fairs.
We also go to aquariums, science museums, animal farms. The aquariums and museums can be expensive but if we try it and like it most of the time they let you take your one day admission and apply it to a seasonal pass, which usually pays for itself in about 2 or 3 visits, which is nice to use on rainy weekends. Hope this gives you some fun ideas!

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