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Alright, so my 2 month old daughter only has 1 kidney so we've been watching her weight and everything to make sure that she's growing appropriately. Today we had her immunizations and a pediatrician appointment. At the public health centre they weighed her and she was at 13lbs 1oz. 2 hours later at the pediatrician she was weighed again, and this time she was 12lbs 3 oz.

So my question is, how is it possible for her to drop so much weight in 2 hours? The pediatrician got me all freaked out saying that now we need to watch her even closer and I need to go into the public health in 2 weeks to weigh her again and if she isn't gaining weight again than I need to see her as soon as possible.

I'm stressing because she also has a heart murmur from her blood moving too quickly, she has slightly high blood pressure, her only kidney and now this on top of it.


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you really can't compare weight from 2 different scales...one, or both the scales may not be accurate. scales, even digital ones, need to be adjusted periodically to make sure they are accurate. i honestly wouldn't be comfortable with a doctor that doesn't this.


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I agree with the other ladies, different scales weigh differently, even the same scales in a different location can give a different weight (i.e on carpet and on tiles) so I would say the difference is from the different scales not the fact she lost weight.

Also if she did have a poo or a wee then she will have been lighter (a little) naturally, just as if she had eaten or drunk then she may have put weight on. This is why it's not advisable to weigh more than once a day, or really even once every few days because you cannot get a true picture of what is happening (that is why weight loss classes only allow weigh-ins once a week).

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She didn't. This is exactly why you weigh people in the morning, naked, before breakfast (or at the same time for infants), on the same scale every time.

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She didn't lose that much weight in an hour. Weight can fluctuate depending on the last time she had a bowel movement, urinated or even had a bottle. Although the scale said lost weight she should really only be weighed on the same scale. Scales can vary from one to another. Don't compare the two but next time compare her new weights from the designated place.

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