Weight gain with pregnancy

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I have a 11 month old daughter and I'm still having a hard time losing all the weight I gained while I was pregnant. I was 100 pounds when I got pregnant and gained 75 pounds with my pregnancy I don't want to go back that small but I'd like to lose some of it. What did y'all do to lose stubborn baby weight? Thanks!


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What does your current workout look like? Maybe you are focusing too much on strength training and too little on cardio? If you've plateaued it might be that you need to change the workout to target different parts of your body, or add intensity or length to it. It's difficult to say without knowing what you are already doing though.

Mine came off pretty quick. This is what I did.
Once the doc gave me the okay to workout again, I started with 3 mile walks every morning with baby in his stroller. After a few weeks, I started running intervals, and by the time J was 3 months I was running all 3 miles. Gradually, as my body could handle it, I added distance until I was up to 5 miles. I had a less expensive running stroller, so I couldn't run faster or add intensity to my workout, but if you want to run faster I recommend a higher end stroller--that is my one regret.

In addition to my morning walk/run, I do a Zumba class twice a week, and a 30 minute weights/strengthening routine twice a week at my gym (they have childcare there, so it was my "Mommy time" where I could just be a lone and focus on me). I have since added a spinning class, but J was 6 years old by then, and I was gaining because he started school and perhaps because I was getting older. I think one cardio class is fine unless you find yourself still not losing.

Of course it is very important to eat a healthy diet as well. I focus on veggies mostly, fruits next, then proteins. Carbs and dairy are "treats". That is not to say I avoid them--Dairy is VERY important, but I use it in moderation. Carbs I use only for lunch or afternoon snack when I need a quick energy boost. Avoid them completely at dinner. Also, don't drink anything but water during the day. In the evening it is okay to have a glass of wine or a cocktail, just be careful with the cocktails as they can be very high in empty calories. I like to make a fruit smoothie and just spike it with some vodka & put it in a pretty glass.

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Well, for me I was not losing in the first year. I tried, but my hormones were still way out of whack. Actually for my sons 2nd birthday I pretty much had lost all the weight. Really, it is about diet and exercise. Eat healthy, avoid carbs, lots of fruits and veggies, lean meat (if you eat it) and exercise. If you can only walk at first, go for good stretches at a time. Like at least 20-30 minutes daily or every other day. It is hard work. I am guessing (but could be wrong) that since you were 100lbs before the baby, you have never had to lose weight before? It is a long process, and takes time and dedication. I am in the process of losing my baby weight from my second child. When I did it with my son, I lost about 65lbs. With my daughter, I only have about 35lbs left. Wish I started sooner so I would be ready for the summer. Oh well, I am steadily losing and will take it.

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