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My son just turned 1 and he is having problems gaining weight he eats his meals he eats everything but not gaining weight so dr said he should drink 3 cans of pedisure a day ..so how many bottles of milk do I give him and do I keep his schedule same but just rotate pedisure in it


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Hi Ally,
Sometimes children gain weight lower than other kids. My daughters were both born premature however, my oldest daughter is having a problem with gaining weight and growing tall. I used to have that same problem so I had them run tests on her and we found out that she has a growth deficiency. In the beginning they put her on pediasure and she didn't do well with that. Now at age 10 they put her on a medication that aides with her growth. She has been on it for about 21/2 years now and I have noticed a lot of improvement. My suggestion is go a little further have your child's doctor probe more into his situation. I think it is worth it. My baby which is 5 now was also premature but she has no problems-growing like weeds pretty soon she is going to be taller than her sister and me lol (I am 4'11)! They both are going to be taller than me soon.

As for your baby look into that because when I was born I too was a preemie they didn't have the kinds of treatments back then that would have helped me stretch a few more inches. It is my opinion that you will have to substitute one milk for the pediasure within his schedule. I say this because pediasure is milk basically with other ingredients added to it. Therefore baby is not really missing any thing nutritionally so just replace one pediasure with one bottle feeding or two. Only you know the child's schedule so you work it the way that you think is best but try it.

I hope this helps!

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