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Ally - posted on 04/18/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son just turned 1 and he is having problems gaining weight he eats his meals he eats everything but not gaining weight so dr said he should drink 3 cans of pedisure a day ..so how many bottles of milk do I give him and do I keep his schedule same but just rotate pedisure in it


Sarah - posted on 04/18/2015




If your son is eating a reasonable amount of calories for his weight, and he is in good health, I'd ask for a second opinion. Is his hair growing and shiny, are his nails growing, is he alert and in a good mood (as much as 1 yo are in good moods)? My kids were all thin and "underweight" at one, but it's just they way they were made. Generally you can expect a baby to triple his birth-weight at 1. Has he come close to that? My son was 7lb 13 oz at birth but only 19 pounds at his checkup. The doctor did check him for juvenile diabetes becasue slow eight gain is a symptom. I guess I am saying if the only concern is his weight, and you have examined what he eats, IMO ask for a second opinion.

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