weight loss after having 2 miscarriages and then my miracle baby - 4 years

Tanya - posted on 11/13/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




In two years I had a miscarriage at 3 months and then another at 4 months (with surgery). I then got pregnant with my daughter (now 4 years old). I was one of those people that stayed at the same weight all my life. I think I have stored the grief and blamed my body for the loss of my first two. I am 44 yrs old now and not planning on having any more children. Our daughter is our miracle. I love being her mom more than anything.

I am ready to start a new, with clear attempts to lose weight. It took a lot of effort for me to lose the first 35 pounds. I had gained 65 pounds with the 3 pregnancies. I have 30 pounds to go...

I eat a very clean diet and do not consume caffeine, alcohol, sodas etc...

My only weakness is potato chips but my family knows to hide it from me if they buy it. :)

I love to exercise so I've come to realize there must be a lot more going on why I haven't lost weight.

So, yesterday I came to this realization that I have stored the grief in my body and blamed my body... It had to go somewhere I have been on new Mama duty plus giving birth to new businesses and a big move this past year... full schedule... not too much sleep.

Would love to hear any insights, recommendations...

Thank You,



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I think you've put a lot of careful thought into this. That's good! Any time you want to solve a problem it's best to understand the cause.

It's easy to say eat less and exercise more, but weight lose can be a lot more complicated than that... because real issues cause people to eat too much and not exercise enough.

Exercise is so healthy, and so good for your mood and your sleep you're really fortunate that you enjoy it. From a practical standpoint though, a lot of weight loss experts claim that diet contributes the most to dropping pounds. Mainly because it's easier to create a calorie deficit using diet rather than exercise.

The problem is that most of the calories you burn are not through exercise. You need to do an extraordinary amount of exercise to lose a pound. A pound of fat contains 3600 calories of energy. For someone who weighs 150 pounds that's about 16 hours of dog walking... or 14 Snickers bars. So in a month you can lose two pounds by walking the dog for an hour every day, or by cutting about 275 calories from your diet every day.

Of course, exercise has lots of other health benefits, and building muscle will help your body to have a higher metabolic rate. But I think that people get discouraged with exercise because they don't realize how much of it you actually have to do.

One thing that always works for my husband is keeping a food diary. I think it works partly because it makes him more conscious of what he's eating. There's a lot of research that says food diaries help a surprising amount with weight loss.

Whatever you do though, congratulations on being more than halfway to your goal! You should feel really proud.

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Rose - posted on 11/15/2016




I have been drinking Mummy magic weight loss tea to shed some post pregnancy pounds and successfully dropped 35 lbs in 8 weeks.

Tanya - posted on 11/13/2014




Thank you Chet. That really helps. How did you know my weight?
I am 150 and hope to get back to some where in between 120-130.
I must begin the food diary and count calories with my diet.
Thank you so much for your support.


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