weight loss help for my grandson


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Barb - posted on 07/12/2016




Thank you garden sparrow for your suggestions sometimes just hearing someone say or reading what others think helps a lot & can make one realize how to put things into motion. Again thank you so much.

Gardensparrow - posted on 07/12/2016




Hi Barb~
I wasn't sure from your post if your grandson lives with you or not? If not, are is his mom or dad on board with getting him healthy? That's probably going to be key in moving forward. But as far as some suggestions, maybe encourage some extracurricular activities (sports, etc.) that will get him moving. It also will be a good way for him to make friends and develop social skills. Church youth groups or clubs at places like the YMCA might be another avenue to check out. Lastly, don't underestimate the power of a positive example. So, when you're around him try to model health living or join him in exercising,etc. Just a couple thoughts :).

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