Weight Loss Help - gained 45 pounds, active but stuck:(

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Hey everyone. I'm 5'0 and started at 110lbs. I was very active - ran about 5-7 miles a day 5-7 days a week. During pregnancy I ran about 2-3x week up to 4th month then walked maybe 1x a week up to month 5. I gained 45 pounds because I have no self control and I live in New Orleans in the land of good food. I delivered by c-sxn after a 15 hour difficult labor on 6/19 and lost 20 pounds over the first week. I started walking 3 miles a day (not strenuous) 7 days after surgery and have walked every day. I've been eating healthy, fried foods only once! I now have stuck around the 133 mark for the last week. I'm breastfeeding religiously although my left breast has started to slack significantly (that's another post). Do you have any words of wisdom, encouragement, suggestions??? Does this mean I'm going to have to try even harder and that these last 20-23 pounds are going to take a while to come off? I'm hoping to start running again by the end of 4 weeks after surgery ( I know you're supposed to wait 6 weeks but I plan on going very slow). Not sure what else to do, wish I hadn't indulged so much during pregnancy:(


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It took 9 months to put the weight on, it will take about a year for your body to get back into a healthy, non-pregnant state. Note that your body will never be exactly the same as it was before you had a child--your muscles and joints have stretched and flexed in order for you to grow a child inside you for 9 months. That said, you CAN lose the unwanted weight, and your body will be beautiful and very healthy again, it will just take some time, and be a little different.

You are correct in that you will have to do more than walk a few miles each day to lose that kind of weight. You really should wait until after 6 weeks before you start running--it isn't about how fast you go, it is the shock absorption that is the issue, and no matter how slow you are running, you are still running, and your muscles are not ready for that kind of shock absorption yet. If you are craving something more strenuous than a walk, go to the pool and swim or take a water aerobics or water weights class. Those can provide a ton of cario and strength training without putting the stress on your joints and muscles the continuous jolt of running will.

I lost my pregnancy weight within 3 months--the number on the scale was where I wanted it to be, but my body lacked tone and my endurance sucked. Over the rest of the year, I was able to tone up (so I didnt' look soft or twiggish) and improve my endurance, which became important when my toddler began to walk....and very quickly thereafter RUN.
Here is what I did, AFTER 6 weeks and with my doctors approval.
Run every morning--short 3 mile run 4 days a week, long 6 mile run 3 days a week.
Cardio class 5 days a week about lunchtime. I switched it up between spinning, zumba, steps, speed rowing, etc, so I didn't get board and my muscles didn't get accustomed (when your body gets accustomed to doing the same exercises, muscle development and weight loss stop).
Strength training 3 days a week. I do strength training on the days I do my short run. I just do about 30-40 minutes of lifting before the cardio class.
In the evenings, my son, husband and I all go for a leisurely stroll. It isn't a workout, but it helps curb those after dinner cravings for sweets, and it does get us up and moving more than watching a movie or whatever.
On the weekends, I plan physical activities for us, like hiking, kayaking, biking, climbing, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, etc. Whatever the season calls for, that way, we can stay active without having to sacrifice family time.

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With my first pregnancy I gained 30 pounds and lost just 16 and was stuck with 14 extra lbs when got pregnant again and this time, I gained even more than the first time 34 lbs. Now it was a big challenge to get back to my pre-babies position. However, I would like to thanks to Mummy magic weight loss tea that helped me reducing almost all my pregnancies weight and now I am back to my real body shape and weight losing almost 40+ pounds just in less than 4 months.

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