Weird Behavior!!! Crazy Thumbs!!!

Michelle - posted on 02/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Okay... This seemed to start after we stopped nursing. My daughter sticks her hand down my/husband's shirts and digs her thumbs into the crease of our armpit! (elbows too when she can get down the shirt) She mostly does it when she is sleepy or being snuggly. She sometimes pinches/rolls skin too! I just figured it was something like hair twirling or belly-button playing (I did that). I assumed that it was a comfort replacement because we stopped nursing(at first she was going for the nipples) and that she would like the nursing just give it up on her own but she still does it! She is starting to give up the binki but the thumb digging is still going strong. I have tried to remove her hands from my shirt and they just go right back... I have tried to give her a toy or have a lovey do the job but she is having none of that either... Anyone else have a kid that does this? Any ideas on how to break her of it? Its really annoying especially if we are out in public and she want nothing more than to shove her hand down my shirt!!!


Katherine - posted on 02/11/2010




My son does the hair twirling thing, which was bad because I hate having my hair played with. Once he moved out of our bed he started playing with his own hair until we cut it and in time he just gave it up completely. I think with any habit you just have to take away the source and in this case it would be telling her no and making her give it up. I had a cousin who would always put his hand down his moms shirt, so know you aren't alone and it's not an unusual thing. Funny how kids have their own little quirks :)


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Iridescent - posted on 02/11/2010




We didn't have the exact same behavior, but other habits (pinching us when they were tired, etc) that needed to quit. When they did it, we'd move their hand and tell them no. If they did it again (usually seconds later) we'd put them down and refuse to pick them up until they realized they can't keep doing it - even really young, explain it. Then try again. If it happens again, set them down again or put them in bed and refuse to pick them up for a longer period of time. They do learn fast.

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