Weird question, but anyone else have a baby who only wants to play when he's upright?

Amy - posted on 07/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My seven-month-old DS hasn't been into his toys. I would put different toys in front of him and he might finger a few of them but then he would lose interest. He sometimes tries to bring a toy to his mouth but doesn't seem able to actually mouth anything. His mouth seems too small or the toy never really fits and he ends up just sucking on his thumb, which fits perfectly. Anyway, he's generally really "meh" about his toys. But recently, we've started putting him in his jumper. And he LOVES it. He'll go from kinda meh to ALL SMILES and JUMPJUMPJUMP and he plays with everything that comes with the contraption. But put him on his back or his tummy again and he becomes a bored, limp rubber chicken again. Has anyone else experienced this with their babies? It puzzles me and I also don't want him in the jumper for too long because he cannot sit by himself yet, much less stand upright unsupported. I also want him to engage with his toys during tummy time so that he can start reaching and moving a little and crawling but that doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon.


Nicole - posted on 07/27/2012




My son is 8 months and started being a pro crawler about a week ago or so but was scooting for the last almost 2. He HATEd tummy time and started freaking in his play mat at about 3 months. He always wanted to be sitting up. I'd prop him in his boppy or put him in his jumper. Goes to show that not doing tummy time didnt affect anything.( He sat unasisted before he was 3 months.) I say let him do his thing the way he's comfortable and he'll be a happier baby. I also kept my stroller in my house to keep him propped up to play. Or stick him in his highchair. Once he gets good enough back support he'll show off his new skills. :)

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