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have you ever called or have you ever had a welfare check done to you and your home. Because I surely am tired of BM here always calling on us in our home. Usually I was at school when my dh calls me and lets me know that BM called on my 3 SK's . I feel like saying then help come take care of em' and quit calling!!!!



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We had one at midnight once. Our oldest daughter's BM called our phone at 11:00 pm (it was off and we were asleep) and then called the cops and told them she was afraid we moved and kidnapped our daughter... Yeah, that cop was SOOO embarassed he had to come wake us up (and the doorbell woke up the youngest, who was only 20 months at the time). We even had to get our oldest out of bed to show him that she was at home - it was a good thing I had declined an invitation our daughter got to have a sleepover at a friend's house that night or the cops would have gone to their house to make sure our daughter wasn't kidnapped. ::sigh::

Anyway... Yes, it's frustrating and I TOTALLY get you on that one.

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