Well all my toddler ate today was1/2 slice of rasin bread, 1/2 box sultarners,1 small tub of yogurt.I offered him fresh vegies at dinner. but would not eat any. This is all He has to eat all day.. Help


Louise - posted on 07/08/2012




Dont worry about this. My daughter now aged 3.5 years old goes through phases of eating very little and then 2 or three days later she will eat all day anything she can get her hands on. It is normally before she is going to have a growth spurt. Just keep offering the food and maybe offer something you dont usually give him, like rice pudding or banana and custard. Sometimes a change of texture and taste can get them back into eating again. If this goes on longer than a week then take him to the doctors just in case you have missed something.

I also find that my daughter when in one of her not eating phases will drink smoothies or milk shakes so at least she is getting something.

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