well me and my husband have been having a downfall lately. the problem is if i divorce then the kids will probably hate me when theyre older and realize what happend. most people are telling me to divorce and leave him but im not sure if its the best decision for the kids.


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Ariana - posted on 10/02/2014




Is it possible for you to go into couples or family therapy? I don't believe in people staying together 'for the kids' but I do think if you have children then it's your responsibility to make sure you looked into all avenues before making the decision to divorce.

Also if you are going to divorce having a couple or family therapist assist you through that transition (since it would be very stressful and choatic) would probably be helpful.

If you do look into therapy remember to try and find a therapist that doesn't favour you or your husband and works well with your situation/family. Remember therapist are just people so try to look into a few people and choose the person who resonates with you the best. If your husband is unwilling to go into therapy I would still suggest going on your own to help you sort out what you think should happen, although if it's at the point of considering divorce and he's refusing you may want to mention that you really think it's important for your relationship as things right now are not making either of you happy.

Once again I do not believe in staying together for the children as that will be just as bad as a divorce, if not worse. I still would find someone who can help you sort things through and to try all avenues before making that decision.

Amy - posted on 10/02/2014




Your kids will be happier in the long run if both parents are happy. Kids are more resilient then we give them credit for, if you truly believe it's the best choice and you've tried everything then you shouldn't stay just because of the kids.

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