Were you induced with Gestational Diabeties?

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Hello ladies,
I am just curious.. I've had gestational diabeties since I've been about 20 weeks pregnant. At my last doctors appointment (I am almost 32 weeks pregnant now) my doctor suggested being induced at around 37-38 weeks. He said that the baby is the proper size, and I am managing the diabeties with proper diet.

The reason I am concerned is because with my first son I ended up having an emergency c-section when he was still breech, and had passed a stool.
I've also heard that induction creates a higher chance of c-section, and coupled with the gestational diabeties that can also increase the chances of another c-section. I really don't want another surgery!!

What has been your experience with induction, vbac, and diabeties? Is it common practice to induce mothers with gestational diabeties? Did you end up with a c-section? Has anyone had a successful vaginal delivery following a c-section when you also have gestational diabeties? I am afraid that I will be pressured into having another surgery just based on circumstance, and not because it may be necessary..

Any stories or advice will be greatly appreciated!


Krista - posted on 07/09/2012




I had GD, and wound up being induced, but it was because my membranes had been leaking for 24 hours with no labour progress. Fortunately I managed to avoid a c-section, due to labour FINALLY progressing shortly before they were going to wheel me in to the OR.

Honestly, I would wait if at all possible. When I went for my 38 week scan, the doctor estimated that the baby was between 8 and 9 lbs. When he was born, at 40 weeks, he was 7lbs 11 oz. If your diabetes has been managed all along, the odds of your baby being macrosomic are probably pretty slim. Keep managing it, and if your baby is the proper size now, there should be no reason why your baby won't be the proper size at 38 weeks, so why rush it?

It does seem to be common practice in the U.S., I think to induce when the mother has GD. I don't think they do it as much up here.

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