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My patience is running very thin, I love my minni me, but next step is just taking her phone away. My mom would've slap me across the face if I ever respond to her the way Alexa does to me. She's not a horrible child, straight A student and a huge help for this divorce mom. The problem is that she is ME!! But I wasn't like I am today at 13!!! She's clever, smart, has great come backs, and it's funny! But when she thinks that I'm her friend is when the problems begin... The whole what??? I'm coming! I did!!! With the annoying teenager voice it's just driving me crazy! How do I deal with this and not go insane??


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/24/2015




I agree with Dove. If it is your kid's tone of voice or 'tude' when she's answering you, address it! Let her know that it is not OK to speak to anyone in that tone.

I still have to 'gently' remind my 17 YO that, even though he's a foot taller, and outweighs me by about 150 lbs...I'm still the mom, and he's still the young adult, and his tone isn't acceptable. He's great all the way around, except for that 'tone' at times...

So, yeah. Let her know it's not ok, and remind her that she's so much more mature than that attitude shows...

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