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You and or your children in a threatening position is it ok to stop them being around their father then?
I split from my husband a number of years ago he's very violent and takes drugs. I have been advised by social services no contact at all but the only thing we have officially in place is supervised.
He refuses to go to a contact centre so supervision has to be by my mother or myself. However he threatens us! He hasn't seen or contacted me or the kids for a year then out of the blue he demands to see his kids so I set something up for next week then he starts sending me pics of known serial killers smirking and people sticking fingers up! Iv sent him a message saying he's not right and I'm not meeting him with the kids and blocked him again (he also has a criminal record of abusing other children)
I just fall into that catogory of mums who stop the dads seeing kids but I can't see how I can help the situation. Iv tried to set up contact centres he won't have it


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If the court order says that he has supervised visitations in the contact center... that is where he has them. If he refuses... he doesn't get the visitation.

If the court order doesn't specify visitation location... especially w/ it being so long w/out contact... get a lawyer and get back to court as soon as possible. In the meantime... have someone else accompany you (preferrably a strong man) to the visitations. Do NOT meet w/ him alone w/ the kids. He can meet under better supervision or he can wait til court. Document and record EVERYTHING he sends you.

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