What age did you start your baby on baby food?

Rachel - posted on 07/01/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




When my little girl was 4 months i started her on baby food, and im glad i did now because she will try anything. but now my son is 4 months and i want to start him so hopefully he will try anything when he is older too, but my health visitor and evryone i speak to say DON'T. what age did you start your baby and what do you think i should do, coz its eating me up inside.


Corinne - posted on 07/02/2010




Oh, and both of mine were breastfead. The type of milk given makes no difference. :)

Corinne - posted on 07/02/2010




I started both of my kids when they were 4 months old. Had the same grief from my health visitor and I told her to back off and let me do what I thought was right for my baby. Health visitors are there to advise you according to the guidelines they are given, these guidelines change so often that I think the only thing you can do is listen to the advice and DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT! This is your child, not theirs. Good luck. x


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Chrisitina - posted on 07/02/2010




I tried to give my son solids (rice cereal) at four months, my ped said I could try, but he was not ready until almost 6 months. Your child will tell you when he/she is ready. He is 10 months now and he pretty much eats what we eat, just a little more tenderized so he an mash it with his gums.

Shelagh - posted on 07/02/2010




It seems to go in fashions. When my kids (now aged 19 and 25) were little, it was 'new' thinking to wait until 4 months (previously solids were introduced at 3 months), with lumpy food being introduced at 6 months. But my step-daughter didn't introduce solids until 6 months - that was about a year ago. I think the lesson here is that babies are pretty adaptable creatures, thank goodness. If you think the time is right, do it.

Esther Nakyala - posted on 07/02/2010




if the baby is breast feeding exclusively, 6months is a good time, however my dauter refused any food besides breast milk until she was 8 months then i gave semi solids, porridge. but for a baby that does not breast feed, i guess 4 months is a good time to start semi solids

Jenee - posted on 07/02/2010




The AAP says to start solids anywhere from 4 to 6 months. We waited till my son was 6 months. Turns out that at 6 months he was not ready for solids so we waited another month and he was really not ready. He was ready around 7 and a half months.

They say that it is better to wait. Introducing solids too early can cause a higher risk of food allergies.

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