what age for bread toast and meat

Melissa - posted on 01/30/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




can I have some ideas of other vegeis to puree for my 6 month old she only eats sweet potato hates pumpkin and broccolli, Ive just done some carot, got told to do some peas spinach, and avacado are these all ok. She suffers constipation and has to have suppositories every 3-5 days.

We pureed some meat gravy and veges but its too thick for her yet. When can she have things like weet bix, toast or bread or even the meat we've done up thnx


Louise - posted on 01/31/2011




if the meat mixtures you are making are to thick then add some baby formula to them to make them runnier to use or some cooled boiled water. At 6 months old my daughter loved pureed carrots as they are sweet, cauliflower cheese (made with baby cheese) she can have things like weetabix and porridge oats or porridge cereal now but made up with formula milk. I did not give toast to my little girl until alot older as she did not have any teeth and would choke on small peices that would break off. I have to say at 6 months I did use jars as they contain added vitamins and minerals and also a variety of food that I could not blend small enough like meat. My daughter loved cereals especially the ones with fruit in. Just make sure that you offer your daughter either cooled boiled water or baby juice to help with the constipation. My daughter also suffered with this and she was advised to have 100%apple juice diluted with boiled water and this helped no end infact she still drinks this today.

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