What age is a good age to start potty traing for girls?


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Kate - posted on 07/13/2009




Around 18 months most kids start to get interested. They should show an awareness that they HAVE gone (i.e. uncomfortable in the diaper, asking to be changed), be interested in the potty (like watching you), etc. Introduce a potty and see if they'll sit on it or play with it. If you ever have the child naked and they realize when they ARE going (during a bath or outside for less mess) that's a good sign too. Moms of many have told me that when potty training is put off until past 2 years, kids become attached to their diapers and also very contrary and do not want to potty train and the whole thing is harder.

My DD is almost 18 mo. and the only reason we aren't pushing it is because I'm due to have another baby in less than 2 weeks and it would be too many changes at once. But she is VERY interested, asking to sit on her potty without diapers, wanting her panties, etc. so this fall we will be going for it.

Chona - posted on 07/13/2009




Her are some kid friendly potty products. Baby Bjorn toilet trainer, The handle makes it easy to take on and off the toilet.$30 amazon.com. Potty Bench it combines a step stool and potty all in one. $35 booninc.com. Ikea Lattsam, $4; ikea.com

Hope - posted on 07/13/2009




I potty trained my daughter at 19 months old. I put her on the potty seat and told her this is where we go pee pee. then i put big girl panties on her and when she wet them I told her no no we peepee in the potty and took her back to the potty. take her potty every 10 minutes or so until she goes in the potty then do a dance and celebrate with her. My daughter was accident free in 3 days.

Therese - posted on 07/13/2009




The best answer is whenever she's ready for it. Around two and a half, I really started watching my daughter for signs that she was ready to potty train. I got the potty-time elmo doll, I rented videos and books from the library, and introduced a kid's potty. She wasn't ready to train until she was over three. By three and 3/4, she was pretty good but still needed pull-ups. She graduated to big-girl panties at her fourth birthday. But she was a late trainer; other girls at her day care potty trained a year younger or more.

Lucinda - posted on 07/13/2009




there is no set age its just when there ready you can try them out a bit like hose traing a dog leave there knickers off an keep and eye on them an if you see them wee put them on the potty then really praise them if they do it on there theyll either get it or not if there not interested after a few weeks leave it for a week or so then try again i started my daughter at 2 and she took to it fairly well was done by the time she was 2 and a half it really depends on the child but dont push them my friend did that and it was a nightmare and took even longer and she has a bit of a phobia now with toilets good luck !

Michelle - posted on 07/13/2009




There really is no age to go by. You'll be able to tell when your little one is ready. Just try and sit her on the potty, when she shows a real intrest then she's ready:)

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