what age is the right age to tell your kids the facts of life


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Nicole - posted on 05/14/2012




I really let them I don't put it in their heads till they are ready and if they are not asking than I wait I mean if she was 15 and still haven;t asked than yea I would sit her down but at 1-10 I would let them ask.

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Apologies for hijacking this thread, but while we are on the subject....what do you do when the older child should really be learning about sex and how babies are made but just doesn't want to know, and the little one who is probably too young to know is desperate to find out how the babies got into the mummy's tummys...
This is my dilemma. I know the 9 year old daughter has been talking about sex with her friends and I want to tell her all about it so she knows the facts and isn't getting any false information. However any time I try to bring up the subject, she blocks her ears and "la la las" until I stop. I even bought her a book that she can read in privacy as I thought she was just embarrassed but she won't even look at it. If I mention it she just yells and runs away.
My 5 year old is desperate to see the book and read it with me but knowing what he is like I am worried he will think it's hilarious and tell all of his friends at pre-school (which would not make his teacher happy as she thinks he is a bit too excitable already)
What should I do?

Nicole - posted on 05/01/2012




hmm WELL i AM SUPER HONEST WITH MY DAUGHTERS If THEY ask me I tell them in a kid friendly way but honestly if I can't get super kid friendly like she wanted to know where babies come from I told her where Most babies come from and explained how a baby comes out when she was 5 and I am a supporter of gay right and we lived in LA and there were prop 8 posters everywhere she asked I told her . That Boys sometimes fall in love with boys and girls sometimes fall in love with girls NOT all people like that and want to make sure that it isn't easy for them, But mom thinks its there right to be happy. People don't always agree but now that she is 9 and people tell her stuff she says I am going to ask my mom before she believes stuff and that was my goal from the start. I also explain that not all parents explain the facts and are honest with their kids SO it is NEVER okay for her to pass on the information I give her to other kids. I had that talk after she went to school and told kids boys can kiss boys and girls can kiss girls. So that is just my personal way of handling it. Good luck..

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/30/2012




Age appropriately, all of their lives.

Ours mainly started when I was pregnant with my 2nd. We worked it into conversation, and moved forward from there.

The more timid, or anxious you are about sharing with your kids, the more they'll get the idea that its "bad" or "naughty". Give age appropriate answers when your kids ask questions, and they will ask! We didn't make a big deal of what the "right age" was.

I guess my thought is that, if they are old enough to ask, obviously that's the "right age".

Michelle - posted on 04/30/2012




When they start asking with my son we had the discussion when I got pregnant with his sister as he was 8 and wanted to know so I put it is simple terms as to how it all happens and took it fine. He is now 11 and in grade 5 and they will be covering it in school as well he knows if he has any questions that he can feel free to ask.

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