What age should girls wear makeup and care about their looks?

Alyson - posted on 02/19/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I personally don't think there is a ''certain'' age a girl should start wanting to look like a young lady and wear makeup. My daughter asked to wear eyeliner, mascara, and colored lip gloss at 12. That's all she wears because that's all she asked for. Once girls get older, specifically (12 & older) and they start puberty they normally want to start dressing more mature to fit in with older girls. I don't see anything wrong with a child of any age wanting to wear makeup as long as it isn't overboard. I started wearing makeup at 15, not to attract boys or because other girls were doing it, but because I was in high school. I liked it and it made me feel more beautiful. Kids have too many restrictions in my opinion, and they need a little room to grow and experiment. Life isn't easy as a kid with hormones, puberty, and trying to keep up with their peers.

I just want to know how other moms feel about this?

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