What age should my daughter wear makeup?


Cecilia - posted on 09/04/2016




I'm 14 (almost 15) and I have been playing around with makeup for 4 years. My mom didn't let me wear any makeup (besides, lip balm, tinted balm, clear mascara and lip gloss) to school until 7th grade. This was my age/makeup timeline:

3rd grade- regular lip balm
4th grade- tinted lip balm and shimmery or clear lip gloss
5th grade- tinted gloss and clear mascara
6th grade- brown mascara
7th grade- light eyeshadow, black or brown mascara, brown or white eyeliner and concealer

In 8th grade, my mom stopped keeping track of me and I took advantage of that. I had to practice ALOT, though. Blending, matching colors to outfits, drama, event, and when to take a break from makeup. I wear makeup on all days but Sunday, because my lashes have slowly started falling out because I use mascara every day.
My mom NEVER lets me wear SFX makeup to school or in public unless it's a costume party or Halloween. SFX makeup is a very very expensive hobby to take up. Look up more detales if you want to know more about it, because honestly, I could go on and on.

Anyway, as long as she knows how to use everything correctly, I think 13 is the perfect age to start wearing makeup. Remember, if you don't like anything she's wearing or putting on, you can always tell her to take it off.

Some things to keep in mind:
Experement with different brands and products to ensure she's not allergic. You can also ask your docter about it.

DO NOT let her wear lip balm everyday, all the time. My mom didn't know about this until I told her, but being lip balm adicted can affect the condition of your lips. This is from my personal experience. If you use lip balm 24/7, your lips won't know how to absorb natural moisturizers from your body because it's used togetting shey butter/bees wax/other from balms.

There are such things as eyeshadow primer! I didn't know this until I saw my cousin using it. It is an essential!!!!!

Make sure to get a good makeup remover before starting her with makeup. I make the mistake of getting one that burns my eyes!

I think I went a bit too overboard with this comment, but I hope it helps!
Best of Luck, Cece

Ariel - posted on 07/23/2015




Our house rule held that we could wear makeup at 13, but we had to keep it light. I don't see this as a problem, but she needs to be taught the importance first, and to know that it's not a necessity. I think many other moms have already hit this on the head!
What I'm going to do for my little girl, is when she's 13 she can have powder, light eye shadows, tinted lip gloss. Be careful that she's cautious with lipstick! Wearing it too often will actually cause you to lose the natural color in your lips, so the longer she waits for that the better. I understand special occasions might call for a little extra, like blush or eye liner, but for her regular use that is all she needs. I think once she's 15 or so, she'll be ready to make her own decision about makeup.

Dove - posted on 07/18/2015




Never. lol Make up is stupid.

If she likes it and WANTS to wear it (which is different from feeling like she NEEDS to wear it). I would say 12-13 for special occasions is fine. I would discourage her from wearing it on a regular basis until at least 16... but that's me. I'm also 38 and have only worn make up twice in my life, so that may 'color' my opinion some.

My girls are 13.5 and have worn make up maybe a dozen times or so.


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Iris J - posted on 05/22/2017




At the age of 14 my elder sister started wearing makeup, as she was not good at applying makeup, so she took suggestions from the experts, the professional told her while doing makeup, it is very important to use the correct tools like silicone sponge for blending foundation that will use a small amount of product and will give best results. Since then my sister has bought tools from https://www.silidrop.com online stores and her skin looks even without makeup. So for young girl makeup, it is essential to apply in a right manner that should not be harmful to the sensitive skin.

MaryAnn - posted on 07/18/2015




I dont think age is nearly as important as intention. At four or five, my mom and i used to play with makeup for Halloween, and her wedding... sometimes as part of some dress up game. At twelve or thirteen, she'd show me how to use it at my request for dances and such... the play and learning kept me quite happy... i had a collection of lip glosses, even tinted ones, that i wore often... and i dont think it was an every day thing until i was fifteen, but by that time, I'd used it enough to not look likea total fool.
I think putting an age on it is hard... its far more important to stress that she is beautiful inside and out... and that make up is nothing but a fun way of temporarily altering yourself, its an art, and a luxury.

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