What age would you let your daughter wear makeup and 3-4 inch heels?

Sara - posted on 08/28/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




So this is weird. I am 13 years old NOT A MOM. And the thing is that I was wondering at what age i would be appropriate for me to wear bb cream, mascara and do my brows. I think I'm old enough but I have to see your opinions too. I am really short, 154 cm short and I really want to wear 8 cm heels. Why? Because I would feel a bit better about my height and because I would make a big change to my style in general, as I am very interested in fashion and I could prove to my parents that I am able to not break my ankle(s). Also I don't want stilettos or wedges. That would be incredibly... ew... for my age. I want to wear heeled ankle boots this fall and winter and then we'll see. And makeup? I highly disagree and I am disgusted by those kids at beauty contests who wear 2 inches thick foundation and blue eyeshadow spread to their temples. I think kids today are really trying too hard to impress people with fake looks. That is why I see makeup and fashion as art and not as a way of covering reality. So the thing is...I want to know if I should bother asking my mom if I could wear heels and makeup. Again, I don't want to wear 10 layers of foundation and 7 shades of eyeshadow, neither do I want to use bronzer on my face to look like I just painted dirt on my face or put on bright red lipstick assimilating myself to a stripper. And no, I am not trying to offend anyone, but imagine a 13 year old and the things I listed above. Doesn't seem right does it?


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MaryAnn - posted on 08/28/2015




We dont know you well, or a whole lot about your mom and where she stands. The most mature way you could handle this would be to talk to your mom. For your best chances, it would probably be best to not start off defensively.
Does your mom wear makeup and heels? Ask her for advice, and help. Explain to her that you are interested in the art. She may very well determine you arent at that level of maturity, or place limitations you do not like, BUT you'd be in the same place, never knowing if you dont speak up.

Dove - posted on 08/28/2015




3-4 inch heels? Never, but once she's 18 it wouldn't be my choice. Heels are horrible for your feet and posture and there's no way I'm going to be responsible for my child potentially causing herself needless, life long issues. You may feel short and I know what that's like... but you are taller than me and I'm a full grown woman. You are likely NOT done growing yet. Don't damage your body for a little bit of fake height.

My girls have been allowed to wear a small bit of make up on special occasions since they were 12 (almost 14 now). It is a very rare occurrence, so I am OK w/ it. If it were a daily thing then no... I would not be OK w/ it. There is no reason in the world for a 13 year old to wear make up every day.

So yeah... if you were my daughter and presented your ideas to me you would be sorely disappointed.

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