What am I supposed to tell my 3 year old son when he begs me to "Go see Daddy!", non-stop???

Crystal Edmonds - posted on 11/27/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




What am I supposed to tell my 3 year old son when he begs me to "Go see Daddy!", non-stop??? His father/my husband left us September 7 of this year, up until a few months ago my son had his Daddy with him everyday of his life. I dont know what to say to my precious boy, I know he is hurting emotionally. Any Moms with advice feel free to put it out there! Thanks


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Rebecca - posted on 11/27/2012




first of all don't say anything negative about the Dad to your son and "Daddy isn't being good right now" is negative he loves his Dad and doesn't need to hear criticism however mild he needs compfort

this happened with my first husband when he left he refused to talk to or see his son for 6 months all I would tell him was Daddy went away but you can phone him I would let him phone his Dad and leave a message ,since he would never answer the phone, I found giving him some laminated pictures of his Dad to carry around helped a lot

It is so hard when your child hurts so bad but it's important to stay positive

Dove - posted on 11/27/2012




I would not tell him his Daddy isn't being good. He KNOWS that (in a 3 year old way).

Has he seen his dad since? Do you know where he is? Are the 2 of you able to communicate?

If not, tell your son 'I don't know when you can see Daddy, but let's....' and change the subject.

I get the 'gamut' of comments from I miss Daddy, I want to see Daddy all the way to... I don't like Daddy, I don't ever want to see Daddy, I want a new Daddy... from my little one. You get used to it.

Spending time with an uncle, grandpa, or just male family friend can help get him that 'male bonding' that he needs and is craving from missing his dad.

Sophia - posted on 11/27/2012




Well you tell him ...daddy is not being good right now... however I love you and for right I am enjoying you all to my self. ITs me and you and I love you so much. Not sure when daddy will be back but I love you now and always. Is there a man in your family that he can spend some guy time with..... your brother, his grandfather, godfather? if not then its you movies,park, go on line take him to the car show, zoo. you both can do this. love you....

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